Dear Students and those interested in the Archdiocesan School of Byzantine Music,

I pray this email finds you all well and ready to begin another exciting year of Byzantine Music!

The academic year 2017-2018 for continuing students will commence on Saturday, October 7. I ask that you communicate with your teachers via email (please copy me) in order to coordinate the schedule for your classes. You will begin your studies where you left off from last year with a brief refresher just to get you focused. The cost for tuition this year is $500 for the full year. You are more than welcome to discuss this with me privately if we need to work out a payment plan.

New and interested students are welcome to come for a short orientation at 10am in the Cathedral Hall located at 337 East 74th Street in NYC on September 30. The orientation will last only about one hour and will entail a short vocal exam and a brief overview of the program. You need not have any previous knowledge of Byzantine Music however, vocal stability and pitch accuracy will be critical for placement in the school. I look forward to personally greeting each of you.

Finally, this year ASBM will continue to offer online video based instruction (i.e. Skype, zoom, talky).

With the help of God we will have a great year filled with fun and fantastic music.

Join us!

With warmest heartfelt prayers for abundant blessings from God,  I remain

In Christ our Savior,
Archdeacon Panteleimon